13 Jul 04


Welcome to the liberating world of automation, where we get off the treadmill by putting this thing called a computer to work for us.

Pragmatic Automation isn’t about the sort of automation used to process your payroll, not that we don’t like the output of that process. Nor is it about programming your computer to turn on and off the lights in your house—ok, so instead we’ll light up feedback devices in your office.

Pragmatic Automation is a repository of news, stories, tools, tips, and tricks for all things related to automating the dull, boring, tedious, and repetitive chores on your software project. The mission is simple: to free up your time to do more worthwhile—and challenging—stuff, such as writing quality code. As an added bonus, automation also guarantees more consistent and repeatable results.

It’s high time we start bumming more work off these machines. Pragmatic Automation is all about making automation work for you, and making it fun!


In the spirit of automation, this site is best viewed through your favorite RSS reader. Simply subscribe to the RSS 0.91 feed, schedule your reader to refresh the feed on an interval of your choosing, and let the computer deliver fresh automation goodies right to your desktop. If you like to fiddle with options, TuningIn shows you how to dial in all the syndication settings.


Pragmatic Automation is edited by Mike Clark, and made interesting by contributions from you. Got project automation? Help your fellow programmers get off the treadmill by sharing your news, story, tool, tip, or trick. Suggest content!

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