27 Jul 04

Tuning In

Using Your Favorite Web Browser

The default URL (pragmaticautomation.com) displays the 15 most recent entries posted on the site. You can append additional path elements to the URL to limit the display to entries in or below that path. Clicking on the title from anywhere returns you to the default URL.

Using Your Favorite RSS Reader

You can get an RSS feed of the entries on the site by appending index.rss to the URL path. For example:


will give you the top 15 entries on the site, and


will give you the top 15 entries below the Monitor category.

You can use synopsis.rss instead of index.rss to receive just the summaries of articles. If an article was not created with a summary you’ll still get the full body.

Page Size

You can change the count of entries returned (from either the RSS or conventional feed) by adding a count= parameter:



If the count is fewer than the number of matching entries, you’ll be able to page backwards and forwards to view the rest.

Historical Information

To view the entries for a particular year, month, or day, simply append the date to the path:

www.pragmaticautomation.com/cgi-bin/pragauto.cgi/2004:display all entries for 2004.
www.pragmaticautomation.com/cgi-bin/pragauto.cgi/2004/6:display all entries for June 2004.
www.pragmaticautomation.com/cgi-bin/pragauto.cgi/2004/6/23:display all entries for June 23, 2004.

You can also ask to see what the site looked like on a particular date using the asof parameter.

www.pragmaticautomation.com/cgi-bin/pragauto.cgi?asof=2004/6/23:display blog contents as of July 6, 2004.

This basically tells the site not to display entries created or modified past the given date.