13 Jul 04

Suggesting Content

Got project automation? Help your fellow programmers get off the treadmill by sharing your news, story, tool, tip, or trick. Suggest content by dropping an email to mike at clarkware.com that includes:
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    Example: Igniting fireworks when our build succeeds

  • Description

    Example: Our manager thinks this is a total blast…

  • URL

    Example: xyz.com/firework_ignition_kit.html

  • Your name (or ‘anonymous’ to remain anonymous)

    Example: Joe Programmer

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    Example: joe.com/weblog

By emailing your suggestion, you agree that your content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. We may use your content on this web site (relicensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License) and possibly in our books. While you may choose to remain anonymous, if you do provide your name, you will be given appropriate credit wherever your content appears.