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Blogging Your Build
03 Nov 04 -
Simon Brown contributed this brilliant idea (and code) for automatically publishing the results of your build process to a project blog:

Blogs are a great way of sharing thoughts and ideas to a wider audience in an easy and structured way. Currently, most blogs are published on the Internet but there’s nothing stopping you from using them internally for projects too. A project blog could be used to share information about the project or keep notes of all those little technical tips and tricks that everybody in the team needs to know. In fact, why not use a project blog to make a note of the tasks that have been completed in any given day in the same way that you might use a diary? Taking this further, why not integrate your project blog into your continuous build process?

Most blogging systems support a couple of XML-RPC APIs (the Blogger and MetaWeblog APIs) that allow you to post to a blog programmatically and this has been used to build many blogging clients that let you post to your blog using feature-rich desktop applications. However, why not post content to a blog from tools like Ant and CruiseControl?

As part of the Pebble project, I put together some Ant tasks so that I could update a blog whenever a build is performed. Extending this idea further, I put together some more Ant tasks so that I can upload files to a project blog as a part of the build process and this is useful if you want to upload build artefacts (e.g., build/test reports, binaries, etc) for distribution to people that aren’t necessarily part of the project team.

With RSS feeds being a key component of most, if not all, blogging systems, the integration between blogs and the build process provides a nice additional benefit because anybody subscribed to it will be notified whenever the build fails.

I’m thinking a CruiseControl publisher that used the Blogger API, for example, to publish the build status to your project blog would be convenient. You wouldn’t have to add a special target to every Ant build file and only your scheduled builds would get posted to the project blog. A blogpublisher would be trivial to write…

Update: Literally hours after this post, Lasse Koskela had written a CruiseControl blog publisher that uses the Blogger API, then added support for the MetaWeblog API, and capped it off with support for the LiveJournal API. You can download the source and configuration files here. He graciously contributed everything to the CruiseControl project, so it should also be in the CVS repository soon. Nice work, Lasse!