29 Aug 06


Chumby looks to be an ideal device for monitoring automation in and around projects.

22 Aug 06

Adding an RSS Feed to Subversion

Bill Bumgarner expertly steps you through how to hook in an RSS feed to a local Subversion server.

20 Aug 06

More CVS Monitoring

cvslog2web lets you monitor CVS activity through RSS and web output.

30 Jul 06

CruiseControl Yahoo Widget

The CruiseControl Yahoo Widget lets you monitor multiple projects with an animated lava lamp.

29 Nov 05

SwitchTower as an Automated Deployment Archetype

SwitchTower is an archetype of automated deployment. Check it out before rolling your own solution.

28 Oct 05

When Build Silence Is Golden

Yet another build frequency chart, this time with good news.

10 Oct 05

CruiseControl 2.3.1 Released

CruiseControl 2.3.1 was released today with an enviable display of nips and tucks.

02 Sep 05

Another Build Frequency Inkblot

Here’s another build frequency chart with an interesting story to tell.

31 Aug 05

What's Your Build Frequency, Kenneth?

Use this chart in the CruiseControl metrics tab to monitor the frequency of scheduled builds.

30 Aug 05

Visualizing Commit Trends

What do these charts of source code repository activity imply? I have no idea, but I find them fascinating.

28 Aug 05

CruiseControl 2.3 Released

CruiseControl 2.3 has a goodly amount of new features and plugins.

20 Aug 05

Rake: Not Your Father's Build Language

Martin Fowler has written an excellent article describing the strengths of using Rake as a build language, and how it compares to our old friends make and Ant.

18 Aug 05

Is Your Build Agile?

SD Times just posted a new article concerning lengthy builds siphoning energy off agile processes.

15 Jul 05

Yes, We're Control Freaks

It’s relatively easy to automate small things, but it’s especially rewarding when those recipes are applied to automate the big things, as well. In his latest blog, James Duncan Davidson discusses some strategies that you might be able to pick up and apply to your project.

09 Jun 05

Firefox Plugin for CruiseControl

Monitor CruiseControl builds from Firefox.